Allahabad High Court rejects bail plea of alleged international gang member involved in online banking fraud & anti-national activities

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The Allahabad High Court recently refused to grant bail to one Shaimul Hassan who was arrested by the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS), Lucknow in January last year in connection with an international racket of fraudsters involved in robbing money from people's bank accounts through online transactions.

As per the First Information Report, Hassan used to get mobile numbers activated and sell pre-activated SIM cards after cloning the same. ATS found that one such number was used in anti-national activities. 

Allegedly, at the time of arrest, 23 Aadhar cards, 1 driving license, 5 PAN cards, 4 Mobiles, 25 non-activated & 2 pre-activated SIM cards, 2 voter IDs and other incriminating articles were recovered from Hassan's possession.

The order was tabled by the bench of Justice Krishan Pahal. Dismissing Hassan's bail plea, Court noted, "The complicity of the applicant is established by the electronic and documentary evidence referred to by the State counsel and the matter pertains to the security of online transactions of public at large. The electronic evidence substantially establishes the involvement of applicant and the other co-accused persons including foreign nationals."

Hassan was apprehended by the ATS following a piece of information from a squealer that some international gang is active in the State and in the adjoining areas which prepares fake IDs and garners SIM cards on the basis of those IDs and thereupon defrauds various accounts holders in banks. After a thorough investigation, various names were revealed among which Hassan's name also surfaced.

The State counsel also apprised the court that a certain mobile number was used for opening a bank account in HDFC bank in the name of one lady and it was Hassan who got the said mobile number activated and sold the pre-activated sim cards illegally, after cloning the same. ATS alleged that this number was used in the anti-national activities and there is enough electronic and documentary evidence to corroborate it.

The State Counsel also informed that the bail pleas of co-accused Tarun Surya, Harsh Kaushik, Sonu & Li Tengli have already been rejected by the high court. 

However, Hassan's counsel argued that Hassan is absolutely innocent. He alleged that Hassan is not the person, who had supplied any SIM cards to any accused person, whatsoever. He also contended that it cannot be ascertained at this time that it was Hassan, who had activated the alleged sim cards. He further pointed out that the FIR is also ante-time.

Considering the facts and circumstances of the case, Court concluded that Hassan's case was not fit for bail. Court further directed the court below to proceed with the trial and reach the logical conclusion expeditiously within a period of one year from the date of production of a certified copy of the order.

Case Title: Shaimul Hassan v. State of U.P.